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Bespoke Decor Warehouse Sale x Pop Up Market

Start the carrrrrrr!!!!! It’s time for the Bespoke warehouse sale!!

Planning for our 3rd annual warehouse sale is in full swing! And in addition to some sweet deals on our inventory, we are adding a pop up market with local vendors, a photobooth with Lucky Booth & delicious scoops served by Earnest Ice Cream.

We have a long list of Bespoke inventory to clear out ranging from big furniture items, backdrops, chalkboards to smaller table top items & more!! The event will be running from 11-2pm so arrive early and bring cash! Some vendors may accept card but it is best to bring cash just incase.

Our vendors include:

Earnest Ice Cream

Floralista – This booth will be a bring your own pot sale! You bring a pot, pick a plant and the Floralista team will plant it for you!

Sweet Treats by Alicia

100 Ways Vintage Jewelry

lavender & lillie handmade (Hand-sewn clothes & accessories)

Watson Goods co. (Macrame & Prints)

Homecoming (Candles)

Grain+Grit: Wood & concrete designs (Planters)

Toasty Pooch (Pet beds)

Hoop & Bloom (Dried Floral Hoops)

Folk Fortune (Vintage Clothing)

Uniform (Handmade Linen Clothing)

John Addison Organic (Organic beauty products + essential oils)

We will also have pre-made bridesmaid & groomsmen gift boxes that are thoughtfully curated by the Bespoke team, with options for custom calligraphy & wrapping.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there and can’t wait to see what items you choose!

Let us know if you have any questions – and spread the word!

See you soon,

Dream Job Alert: Decor Assistants

You know when you know that something is coming… but then all of a sudden it’s here and how-the-heck-did-that-happen-so-fast!? That’s wedding season friends. So we’re hiring and hoping that some of you amazing applicants can start yesterday. If you’re super amazing, know that we’ll wait for you 😉

If you are looking for a dream job that gives you summer days in the sun (and evenings/weekends decorating with beautiful things), you really love weddings, and are a gem to be around- we want you. Check out the full posting below and pretty please share this with anyone you think might make a great addition to our team!

bespoke decor vancouver hiring decor assistant

Decor Assistants – Seasonal/Part Time

Position: Decor Assistant

Work Schedule: Weekends & evenings from May-October (Hours are not guaranteed and scheduling will be based on availability and aptitude)

Rate of Pay: $15/hour

Start Date: ASAP

The Overview: Your position as a decor assistant will mainly revolve around the set-up and striking of weddings. This will involve following design plans and on-site styling. Most shifts will be split – one afternoon shift and one late night shift to accommodate the set-up and strike of the event. Times will vary 🙂

The Duties Required:

  • Wedding set up (including, but not limited to: packing/unpacking the decor, hanging lighting/displays, setting and styling tables, assisting with floral arrangements, etc.)

  • Wedding tear down (carefully re-packing decor)

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Legendary customer service skills

  • Extremely punctual

  • Must be organized and flexible

  • Ability to self start and work independently

  • Ability to work well under pressure

  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds (#muscles)

The Extra Details:

  • You must have a reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler

  • You must be available to work weekends & late nights

  • Experience in the events industry is an asset (but a love for weddings & events is a must)

Please apply to with a resume and introduction.

Dream Job Alert: Our Calligraphy Team is Growing!

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Alright, we have a super exciting announcement! We have been blown out of the water by the interest for our in-house calligraphy that we are ready to grow and add a second calligrapher to our team. (amazing, right!?) We’re looking for someone that’s crazy talented with a similar style, loves weddings, and is all around seriously awesome. Think this might be you or someone you know? Here’s all the details below… and please, share this with anyone you think might be a great fit for our team!

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

PS. We’re fun to be around, I promise.


Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist – Part Time

Position: Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist

Work Schedule: Schedule will be flexible and will depend on the volume of projects per weekend

Rate of Pay: Set rates will be paid per project

Start Date: May 2016

The Overview: Your position as the Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist will be a creative one! You will have the opportunity to create custom boards for our clients based on their wedding vision. Projects can range from welcome chalkboards to place settings to menu boards and large installations.

You will be required to work on multiple surfaces (chalkboards, paper, glass, mirrors, etc.)


Hours are not guaranteed.

The Duties Required:

  • Create calligraphy for weddings & events throughout the year (various sizes, styles and surfaces) – with the bulk of projects being between April – October.
  • Communicate with entire Bespoke team and Lead Calligrapher to organize and assign upcoming projects

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Legendary customer service skills
  • Ability to self start and work independently
  • Organizational skills (knowing what projects are upcoming, finishing projects early, keeping on top of emails & requests)
  • Creative mind and willingness to try new projects

The Extra Details:

  • You must have reliable transportation to transport chalkboards/signs as needed to the Bespoke Decor warehouse and event venues


Please submit your application via email at Please provide an introduction, resume and samples of your work.

Best of 2015

Eee! Can you believe it’s that time again?! A new year, and we can’t wait. But before we get started on all the exciting things that are going on in 2016, let’s take a minute and look back at our favourite posts of 2016, why don’t we!? If you haven’t been following for long, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a latte, pull up a chair and get to know us a little bit.

This year we had a more difficult time picking our favourite posts, there is just SO many! We decided to split it up and pick three favourites from each category that we write about. Deal?

Colour Inspiration

Best Colour Reports for 2015 Weddings



Best Wedding DIYs of 2015


Feature Fridays

Best Feature Fridays of 2015



Best Printable Posts of 2015


Trend Reports

Best Trend Reports of 2015


Informational Posts

Best Informational Posts for Weddings of 2015



So there you have it! Our favourites from 2015. Did you have a favourite post of ours? We’d love to hear it!

Happy Holiday to You!

Before we close our doors and head home to enjoy family and festivities for the next couple weeks, we wanted to take the time to wish you, our readers, clients, and peers a very happy holiday. We are so grateful for your continued support and adventures. We can’t wait to get started on another year with you.

bespoke merry

Autumn Tones for a Stunning Seasonal Wedding

It’s officially fall, friends. There’s no way around it- the cooler weather has hit! With fall comes the beautiful colours of autumn which can be so lovely for weddings. The problem with autumn weddings? They’ve been put in a box. Too many dollar store packs of faux leaves with bright orange red and gold colour palettes have taken over our vision of fall weddings. But it’s time for that to change. There are so many beautiful weddings that showcase colours of the season without fitting inside that box we’ve come to expect. Today we’re sharing four palettes we created that we’d love to create an autumn wedding around.

Autumn Tones- Perfect for a fall wedding!

ONE: I look at this one like a frost autumn morning. The muted greens and purples with a grey sky and rich wine coloured leaves.

TWO: If fall had a sangria, this would be it. Wine, berries, foggy purple and gold.

THREE: This is our ode to the traditional fall palette: burnt orange and maroon but paired with grounding taupe and a stone blue.

FOUR: As much as I love the vibrant colour of changing leaves, I love that the pine trees never change. They stay their deep green year round, and the golden yellow leaves of the trees around them are such a great contrast. Deep blues and chocolate browns finish off this palette.

How do you feel about autumn weddings? Do you have a favourite colour palette for them?

Call Anyone But The Bride

Call anyone but the bride- a list / bespokedecor

Brides, we know you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day for a long time. We know that you’ve planned every little detail and want it to be perfect. We get it, we love those details just as much as you! BUT when it comes time for the big day, you wont remember which type of bow the chair sashes were tied in. You’ll remember the smiles, the feeling walking down the aisle, and celebrating with your new husband, family and friends. What’s my point?

Friends! Those people we love and trust with the details… you’ve got to get on board! We know the lovely bride has told you to call her if ANYTHING goes wrong. We know that something will probably be out of place, or missing all together BUT the last thing you should do is call the bride. Say it with me, “I will not call the bride on her wedding day”. Very good. But who the heck should you call?

Here’s a list of 10+ people you can and should call before the bride.

Call anyone but the bride- a list / bespokedecor

Click the image above to download as a free printable list and pass it out to anyone and everyone involved in the big day for one happily blushing bride.