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Feature Friday: Vintage Benches at Weddings

Every once in a while I realize that there’s a staple piece in our inventory I have NEVER talked about. And I have to fix it. That’s what’s happening for today’s Feature Friday… these vintage benches!! We love how they lend a casual appeal to a stunning wedding, how they look in photos (they let you snuggle up!), and how they look filled with florals or gifts. I mean, just look at all this inspiration!

vintage benches at weddings



Now, I was going to let the photos speak for themselves- but I just can’t keep my mouth shut! I have to tell you that that last photo (gorgeous!!) is of a sunrise wedding. SUNRISE. Amazing. I’ll let it rest now… what’s your fave? That beach wedding is a close second to the sunrise one for me!

Feature Friday: Vintage Snowshoes at Weddings

It’s officially winter… well it has been for a while and we’re loving it. We have a whole collection of winter decor available for rent and one of my favourite things we have is vintage snowshoes. They’re so unique and rustic, but in a classy way. Here’s some of our favourite ways we’ve seen them used in weddings.

vintage snowshoes at weddings- so unique for a winter wedding

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: This ceremony backdrop from Alberta is just beautiful! We love how it embraces everything wonderful about a vintage winter.

TWO: What a fun cupcake display! Yes, I’ll take two of those.

THREE: Hung on a rustic wall above the cake is the perfect way to display vintage snowshoes.

FOUR: Can we talk about how fun they are as a photo prop?

FIVE: This outdoor winter wedding display features just a few of our favourite things. Plus… I spy some cupcakes hiding on there!

SIX: This gown is stunning on it’s own, but we love how it looks photographed with these vintage snowshoes! I think you could put snowshoes next to anything and they’d belong.


I’m not going to beat around the bush. That ceremony backdrop has stolen my heart. A close second is those cupcakes. But it could be because I’m craving cupcakes. What’s your favourite? How do you feel about snowshoes as wedding decor?

Feature Friday: Vintage Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys, especially the vintage ones, are so tiny adorable. I always wonder what they were created to open- they all look like they belong in an ancient castle. Just me? Either way, now that they’re not functional for the most part any more, we’re lucky enough to collect them for using as wedding decor. Here’s some of our favourite ways they get used to spruce up the big day.

I love vintage skeleton keys at weddings

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: If you weren’t in love with these vintage keys before… are you now? Seeing them en masse is one of my favourites! They make such lovely takeaways for guests and double as seating cards.

TWO: Not one, not two, but three keys layered and tied around a simple mason jar floral arrangement, stacked on top of some aqua vintage books. Is there anything about that sentence you don’t like?

THREE: Vintage books tied with cloth ribbon get a special touch with vintage skeleton keys to finish them off. This makes such a simple yet unique table centre for a wedding or bridal shower.

FOUR: A well dressed groom! We love how simply this skeleton key brings style and personality to a basic buttoner.

FIVE: Reason number 1000 to love them… they make for amazing ring photos. I had a hard time choosing which key and ring photo to put here but this rustic background was too good to pass up.

SIX: I had to throw a second seating arrangement in here. Displayed on a standing vintage door, skeleton keys make a stunning display at an outdoor wedding!

SEVEN: The casual way these little gold keys hang off of this floral arrangement is pretty much perfection. Just when we thought we were over burlap… this.

Now, can you even pick a favourite? I did… and it’s number one. But it’s a tight race with number seven coming in next. Have you spotted these little gems used in other unique ways? We’d love to hear about it!