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Do you rent outside of the Vancouver area?
Yes! We rent from Hope to Pemberton. If you need the rentals outside of those bounds (ex: Vancouver Island) – you’re welcome to them! We would just require you to pick up and drop off from the Bespoke Warehouse.
When is the earliest I should be booking my items?
For some pieces, we recommend booking as far as one year in advance. Some of the items in our inventory are one of a kind which makes them in higher demand. However, we have a lot of pieces that can be booked the same week, or even the same day!

If something you wanted is already booked, we will do our best to find you a suitable back up!

Can I come in to view items?
Yes! Anytime! Our warehouse is open for viewings and consultations Tuesday thru Saturday from 9:30am-5pm. If you need a special appointment time outside of these hours, please send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate.


Do keep in mind that we are closed on Sundays for rental pick up or return.

How long is the rental for? What is the fee for a long term rental?
The standard rental period is up to three days. If you are interested in a longer term rental, we do offer a long term rental discount for anything 4+ days or more.


When can I pick up and return my rentals?
Each standard rental is for 3 days, so you could pick up the day before your event, and return the day after your event. We will confirm your pick up and return times via email.
Why do I need to pay a non-refundable restock and cleaning fee?
We charge a 12% non-refundable restock and cleaning fee for two reasons. First – to provide you with some peace of mind while the rentals are in your possession. And second – to cover the expenses required to clean and care for each piece between rentals.

This is designed to cover light wear and tear while the rentals are in your possession. This would include light food & beverage stains, wax in the candle holders, writing on the chalkboards, etc.

This does not cover damages outside of what we would consider regular use. For example: high heel damage on couches, bodily fluids, broken furniture, lost items, etc.

Charges made above the 12% will be up to the sole discretion of Bespoke Decor. For items considered damaged, you will be charged the purchase item of the piece.

What happens if I’m late to return my rental?
These things happen! However, it can have a significant domino effect if the pieces you rented are due to go back out to another client. There will be a late return fee in effect if pieces are not returned back within three days of your pick up.

The following percentage will be charged:

4-10 days late – 33% of the total rental will be charged per day

11-30 days late – 20% of the total rental will be charged per day

30+ days late – 8% of the total rental will be charged per day

We ask for as much notice as possible if you think you will return items late. 

Do you charge extra fees on late nights and Holidays?
Yes, we do.

Night rates for labour and delivery are in effect after 10pm.

For stat holidays, there is a 25% increase in our labour and delivery fees. This fee will be in effect for each day over the entire 4 day duration of the holiday weekend (not just the proper stat day).

How does payment work?
For standard rentals, a 50% initial payment is required to hold your date. The remaining 50% will be due one month prior to the rental date.

If you book within the month of your rental date, the entire amount will be due up front.

Film clients are exempt from the required deposit.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?
We will send you a confirmation email once payment has been made!
When’s the last time I can make changes to my order?
We will do our best to be flexible, but it does rely heavily on the availability of items and our ability to re-rent a piece if cancelled.

Large changes can be made up to 1 month prior, and smaller changes will be accommodated up until 7 days before your rental.

Do you rent for film?
Yes! We have long term rental rates, last minute ordering and open availability to film clients.


If you don’t carry items I’m looking for, can you source them out? Or custom build it? What is the additional fee?
Depends on the items – but likely, yes! We do have a builder in house that makes custom builds available at an hourly rate plus the materials costs.

We are also open to ordering in items for you (as long as the timeline permits).

Do you have a prefered vendor list?
We do! Happy to share it with you – please email us at hello@bespokedecor.ca 🙂
What are the cancellation fees
You may make changes to your Order up to thirty (30) days prior to the Event Date. If additional items are requested and are available, Bespoke Decor will provide you with a revised Fee. If your Order has been paid in full, no refunds will be made for removing items from the Order.

You may cancel your Order by providing written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the Event Date. All payments made prior to the termination date are non-refundable.

Is the furniture vintage?
Yes! Some of our pieces are truly vintage. With vintage pieces please do keep in mind that scratches, nicks and wear and tear are part of the vibe.
What paint/pen can we use for chalkboards & backdrops?
You’re welcome to use water based paint/pens. Other permanent mediums (oil, silicone) will cause damage to the board or backdrop resulting in additional fees. 
Do I need to book a consultation
It’s not 100% necessary, but recommended! We are happy to meet with you if you walk in, but we prefer to guarantee we can have uninterrupted time to discuss the package options with you.


How do I know which wedding package is right for me?
There are a few main considerations when choosing the right wedding service for you. A couple questions to ask could be:

1) How involved do you want to be in your design process?

2) Do you want to DIY elements of your wedding or would you rather just show up and enjoy?

3) Is your venue a “blank slate”?

4) Do you want lounges?

5) Are you only looking for a few touches?

We are happy to go through the details of all wedding design options before you make a decision! Most importantly you want to choose one that is suitable for your budget, preferences and taste – and will make you the most excited!


Will you set up my personal decor items? Does this cost extra?
Yes! And typically it will be without additional charges. However, if it is a large scale addition we may need to have an extra set of hands. We will be transparent about this from the beginning during the planning stages.
How much is delivery and retrieval? And how do I know what time my delivery and retrieval will be?
How much do you charge for set-up and tear down?
This is another answer that will depend on the scale of your set-up and tear down at the event. We will work with you to determine the type of team you need on site (designer, decorator or decor assistant), how long you may need assistance for, and the amount of people required.

The hourly rate starts at $45/hour for a decor assistant.

Stat holidays and late nights could affect this pricing.

Do you offer calligraphy and graphic design services?
Yes we do! Download our calligraphy pricing sheet or graphic design pricing sheet. Please keep in mind that the design fees for stationery will also require printing – which is charged separately.

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