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Let’s Party… Later gift cards

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It’s a strange thing not knowing what the next day, week or month holds for any of us. But here’s one thing we do know – the first thing we’re going to want to do once physical distancing is no longer required… we’re going to want to see our loved ones. We are going to celebrate. We are going to embrace in long, squishy hugs. We are going to get married surrounded by our families and celebrate our birthdays while our friends join arms and sing around us.  

We love our clients, our community and our city. We are so thankful to everyone who has continued to support us through various ways – booking future events, catching up with us on instagram, and leaving positive reviews online. We see you. We hear your positive words. And we want you to know – you are pulling us through on the hardest days. Thank you! 

This is a scary time for small businesses. Our days look different than they once did. And we need our community. We humbly ask, if you’re able, to please consider a Bespoke “Let’s Party…. Later” gift card. Because we’re going to get through this. And when we do, we will be ready to make your reunions, celebrations and parties even more special. 

From all 23 of us at Bespoke, we whole-heartedly thank you for your support. We’ll see you soon! 


Your Bespoke team. 

*All rentals and services will be subject to availability.