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DIY Watercolour Banner Cake Topper

DIY Watercolour Banner Cake Topper- I love the torn edges, it's perfect for a wedding shower. Also, it's so nice to have a video to learn from instead of pictures

DIY Watercolour Banner Cake Topper- I love the torn edges, it's perfect for a wedding shower. Also, it's so nice to have a video to learn from instead of pictures

Before we get started with all of the inspiration boards to share the trends we’ve been loving on, we thought we should sneak in a fun DIY for you! We know that watercolour is much loved and lettering is pretty popular around here too. We had our DIY’er put together this little video to show you how you can make your own topper that is perfect for that bridal shower cake, and if you practice up, a wedding cake!


DIY Watercolour Banner Cake Topper- I love the torn edges, it's perfect for a wedding shower. Also, it's so nice to have a video to learn from instead of pictures

DIY Watercolour Banner Cake Topper- I love the torn edges, it's perfect for a wedding shower. Also, it's so nice to have a video to learn from instead of pictures

Our favourite parts of this topper are the organic torn edges and the deep greeny blue watercolours! Put the brides new last name on the cake, initials, or even the word ‘love’. To add the watercolour banner to a cake, simply use skewers or coffee stir sticks and tape to the back of the banner.

If you use this DIY and make your own watercolour banner cake topper, we’d love to see the photos! Tag us on social @bespokedecor

Skip the Colour Palette

I love a good colour palette, I’m sure you may have noticed. But lately I’m kind of taken with the couples that trash the fancy colour palettes and go for a collection of neutrals (black, white, and woodsy) with heaps of greenery and metallic touches.  I don’t even know how else to describe it, so let me just give you some visual inspiration.  Oh, and we’re extra in love with this all on the table. So this is a table-full collection, okay?

I'm loving these table settings full of neutrals with pops of metallic

Seriously, do I even need to say anything? It’s just SO good.

Left to right, top to bottom:

ONE: One of our own, one of our faves to date.

TWO: This is just so beautiful, I feel like I need to tell you that we got to be there in person. #nobigdeal

THREE: We’re such a sucker for brass candlesticks! Heaps of greens mean you don’t need to splurge on flowers.

FOUR: This is actually a dinner party. What a lucky bunch of guests!

FIVE: This one is so dark and moody, and what a fun touch using succulents.

SIX: Last but not least, I had to throw some tropical vibes in here. How lovely!

Which is your favourite? For once I’m actually stuck between all of them.

Soft Peach and Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Today we’re sharing some bright but soft, warm cheery hues for your wedding inspiration! We’ve paired a soft peach with yellow for some pretty wedding dreams. These colours are sweet as candy, but by including plenty of whites, the palette is also sophisticated. Ready to see the inspiration?

soft peach and yellow wedding inspiration


ONE: There is nothing I don’t love about this bouquet. The giant peonies and tiny daisies… the perfect pair!

TWO: Talk about a stunning headpiece! We are dying over these big blooms. Would you dare?

THREE: Peach dresses and yellow bouquets make for a lovely bridesmaid combination. Plus- doesn’t everyone look great in a peachy hue?

FOUR: I am loving these soft brushstrokes! They give the perfect balance of colour and are pretty enough to dress up a simple text invitation.

FIVE: This cake is simple, white buttercream topped with blooms in the loveliest tones. There’s something about a simple white cake topped with florals that you can’t compete with.

SIX: This collection of wild blooms in tiny vessels look darling gathered around a vintage lantern. There’s those tiny daisies again!

SEVEN: So darn simple, but so pretty! Footed glassware filled with fresh peaches double as snack and decor.

Tell me- what do you love most about this collection? I am all over that bouquet! And the centrepiece. Maybe I’m just in love with those itty bitty flowers.

Letter all the things!

This is the longest image collage we’ve ever done here. But we just couldn’t narrow it down! Why? Because we really do love to letter ALL THE THINGS. And what makes this collection really special is that we were involved in most of them. Clearly, we feel passionately about calligraphy at weddings! We’ve put together this collection so that when you’re dreaming of signs an incorporating the calligraphy trend into your big day, you’ll think of more than just chalkboards (although we love them too!).

letter all the things- so many options for calligraphy at weddings!


ONE: We’ve got this chest in there twice. We love how simple this painted white metal chest looks with wedding details on it! And how special to have it topped with photos of loved ones?

TWO: Mirrors are kind of the new chalkboard. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it. But I really, really love them gathered together for a high impact seating chart.

THREE: So we haven’t personally tried this yet… but calligraphed cake!? Are there two things I love more?

FOUR: Go big or go home! This giant backdrop is one of my favourite installations to date. It is SO big and SO dreamy.

FIVE: Maybe you want a sign, but you want it bigger and better… we do that too. In fact it’s one of our favourites. Lettering just looks SO good on wood tones!

SIX: You know we’re an advocate for games at weddings… but how about this custom frisbee? Umm- amazing!?

SEVEN: Yep, here’s that chest again! I just love it so much I couldn’t not include it twice.

EIGHT: Let me start by saying, lettering on an uneven, curved surface is HARD. But isn’t it worth it? Look at how dreamy this wedding barrel signage is!?

NINE: Little details like this lettered dress hanger make for wonderful keepsakes and photographs. The best part? This is a DIY you can totally do yourself. 

TEN: We love vintage picnic baskets… and we especially love them when they’re lettered with sweet quotes.

ELEVEN: We made some cute little moss placemats for this St. Patrick’s Day dinner party and the lovely Pommel Co. lettered these napkin transfers. Isn’t that a genius idea?

TWELVE: This is perhaps the prettiest way we’ve seen to tell guests what they’re drinking.

THIRTEEN: We couldn’t let this whole post go by without saying, we really DO love chalkboards still. Like… we love them a LOT.

FOURTEEN: This ceremony decor is one of my favourite we’ve created. And hello, photo opp!

FIFTEEN: Just like chalkboards, we letter a lot of glass. And it’s no wonder- it’s so darn dreamy! Displaying it either against wood or foliage is our favourite ways to see it.


We could really go on forever. What’s your favourite? I’m smitten with the glass sign in foliage at the moment. But come back and I’m sure I’ll be crushing on the picnic basket or something 😉

Dreaming of Black Weddings

Black Weddings. It doesn’t even sound like a thing. But they can be SO gorgeous. I have to be honest. This one was a challenge for me to pull together. But sometimes that’s what I love- something that I don’t naturally gravitate to and it can still be so beautiful and evoke such a magical feeling. Weddings are amazing like that- aren’t they? So here’s some images that will help you fall in love with black weddings too.

loving all the black wedding gold details


ONE: So black linens… aw-mazing, right? I’m loving this romantic set. 

TWO: Anemone are one of my very favourite blooms, so a bouquet of just those babies? Well, I’m in love.

THREE: One of the best midnight snacks ever? Oreos. I just love them. And the milk shooters on the metal stands... it’s all perfection.

FOUR: So I get that in a dim, brick setting- black would be romantic. But I wanted to add this one in because it’s just as lovely in daylight, surrounded by greens. It’s kind of winning my heart!

FIVE: Did you ever imagine a black wedding cake would be so beautiful? I’m in awe.

SIX: So confession. This isn’t the most beautiful black and white lace wedding dress I’ve ever seen. It’s a close runner up though. Years ago when I was at a bridal store I saw a gorgeous black and white lace number (the bodice was black while the rest was white and it was perfection) and ever since then- no black dress has lived up to it. It was the perfect amount of classic while the black gave it a fun edge. But maybe the years have made it more beautiful in my mind, because it’s hard to compete with a backless dress like this!

SEVEN: Oh my my, these are a few of my favourite things! Aren’t these invitations so dreamy. And they don’t have anything flashy- just gold lettering on black card. And it’s SO good.


What do you think? Black for weddings? Yes or no?

DIY Crates full of flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So you want to fill a crate with flowers- and you don’t want to pay someone to do it for you. You want it to look heaping and full of flowers- and you don’t want it to cost a fortune. How hard can it be? Not that hard with our one tip that will help the crate look fuller with less blooms. Can you guess what it is?

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Yep- mason jars. Or if it’s a taller crate, vases. Here’s why. If you just filled the crate with flowers that would be A LOT of flowers to fill the thing. But when you add mason jars, not only is it easier to water your pretty blooms, but it gives them something to lean against that is smaller than the edges of the crate. Take a vase with a wide opening. It takes a lot of flowers to fill that sucker. But if that vase has a flare at the top (meaning the top is just as big, but there’s a smaller neck), less flowers are necessary to make the bouquet look just as full. Does this make sense? Think of the mason gars as the ‘smaller neck’.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So to fill a crate this size, by using mason jars, you only need to use about half of the blooms as you would without. And that’s a promise. 😉 And you can even space the mason jars out a bit so you use less… it won’t even look like there’s less flowers. So snip some blooms from your garden or order from your florist and get arranging! Use longer stems at the ends to help them spill over and cut them shorter in the middle. Fluff as necessary and always use greens (leave some leaves on the stems) to help fill it out.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Ta-Da! That’s a simple one for your Saturday.

Cobalt Wedding Inspiration

Every once in a while there’s a colour that is amazing… but it never seems to make it to weddings. And every once in a while, I like the challenge of finding beautiful inspiration to make that colour wedding friendly. Today that’s cobalt. It’s so vibrant and beautiful… but how often do you see it in weddings? Not enough, not enough. I especially love vintage cobalt glass, so I took a queue from that. Ready?

cobalt wedding inspiration- such a lovely rich blue!


ONE: Hydrangeas are the perfect pop of muted cobalt for a simple bouquet.

TWO: These satin pumps are the perfect something blue!

THREE: There’s that cobalt glass! All the heart eyes… am I right?

FOUR: You know we love a handsome groom! A bowtie and simple ribbon around a muted buttoner is the perfect way to add the vibrant colour to the mens wear.

FIVE: Finding a cake featuring cobalt that I liked… that was the hardest one for me to do! This one is simple, classic, and floral. And I like it a lot. But if anyone finds a watercolor cobalt cake? Well that would take the cake if you know what I mean.

SIX: I love the simple vintage look to these letterpress invitations. The little birds kind of remind me of Cinderella and the map? It could be straight from a storybook as well.

SEVEN: Hello pretty ladies! Cobalt can be super fancy in satin- but we love how laid back these flowy dresses are in this colour.


Tell me… what do you think of this bold colour for weddings? I’m totally smitten with those invites so I think it deserves a second thought!

Loving Marbled Weddings

Last week we talked about mixed metals, today we’re talking about another modern wedding trend we’re loving: marbled weddings! Just like mixed metals- it’s all over home decor and we love the bits we’re seeing pop up in beautiful events. Black, white and gold stone marble, or vibrant pinks of marbled paper. It’s all just SO good. Check it out:

We are loving the modern marbled wedding trend! Traditional marble stone or vibrant paper marbling- it's all SO good


ONE: This marbled cake is beyond stunning. And that topper? Love it all! The pattern is so subtle and elegant in a soft gray.

TWO: These simple place cards are made from real marble (tiles!) and are from one of my fave ever DIY blogs.

THREE: If you can get a marbled fondant cake, why not cookies too!? I love that these ones are stamped with the names and accented with gold flecks!

FOUR: They use the word ‘smoky’ to describe the style of this wedding and if you never thought that was a pretty theme… think again! Just look at this gorgeous table runner!

FIVE: These marbled invitations are all sorts of beautiful. I love the hand crafted look and the genuine stone effect.

SIX: Talk about a statement! I’m swooning over this marbled aisle runner in a lovely pink.

Marble clips sources (stone / paper)


Are you as head over heels with this marbled weddings trend as I am?

Inspired by Mixed Metals

Have you been noticing the trend towards mixed metals? It’s hitting fashion, home decor, and I want to see it all over weddings (if I had my way). Copper, brass, gold, bronze, silver and rose gold all mixed into one shiny, beautiful day. Is any one else celebrating that you no longer need to be matchy matchy?

Weddings inspired by mixed metals


ONE: Simply swapping out flatware brings a mixed metal decor scheme to life.
TWO: This was one of our favourite shoots to be a part of. A beautiful gold charger topped with a vintage brass key and calligraphed place cards.
THREE: If you are in to glitz and glam- feast your eyes on these sequin bridesmaid gowns. If only every bridesmaids dress was so fabulous!
FOUR: How lovely is this gold leaf cake paired with brass candleholders? Gold leaf all the things!
FIVE:I know we’ve featured brass candleholders en masse before. And there’s good reason! They’re stunning. We love this tablescape with seeded eucalyptus.
SIX: Gold framed chalkboards with modern script lettering? One of our favourite combinations. That’s why we have so many in stock!
SEVEN: Copper is underrated- we love this warm hue of metals– especially paired with rich browns and bright whites.
EIGHT: We love this simple cake with golden deer as a topper. Mixed metals can be glitz and glam or they can be simple and understated. Consider them a neutral.


Tell me- would you consider mixing metals or do you believe they should be kept separate?

An Easter Inspired Wedding

It’s Good Friday, and with all the beautiful Easter decor I’m seeing around, I was inspired to put together an Easter wedding board for you all. I’m so in love with this purple and peach colour combination- it’s so bright and springy without looking childish. And if you have a lamb and a bunny attend your wedding… would you please invite me? Thank you in advance 😉

an easter inspired wedding with a purple and peach colour scheme


ONE: I’m not going to lie. This bouquet inspired the whole board. Originally I was just going for an ‘Easter’ theme… but this? It’s perfection and changed my mind.

TWO: Is there anything more springtastic than a lamb? I don’t think this one needs any commentary- it’s adorable.

THREE: Isn’t this beyond brilliant!? Flowers for the little bunny tail!?

FOUR: Any mini egg addicts out there? What would you do to get your hands on this cake!?

FIVE: With florals this gorgeous, you don’t need to add anything else to your table for it to look perfect.

SIX: This pretty little purple number is probably the most affordable bridesmaid dress we could have put in here- but it’s also the most beautiful, so you can thank us for that 😉

SEVEN: You know we love some good calligraphy and when you put it on eggs? In vintage egg cups? Well, you’ve got us hooked.

EIGHT: These DIY globes hanging from a barn remind me of Easter eggs without looking like an egg hung.

NINE: I’m loving the little ceramic bunnies hopping around the directional signage– how whimsical!

TEN: You would probably need some handsome little ring bearers at an Easter wedding. Suspenders are highly recommended.

ELEVEN: Sweet little macarons can be made to match any colour pallet, but they’re especially darling in these springy tones.

TWELVE: Last but not least- no Easter wedding is complete without a real live bunny. And no, I don’t think this is insane!


Tell me- what’s your favourite image from this Easter inspired wedding board? I’m swooning over that bouquet but since calligraphy has been on my mind so much lately (we’re loving weeding through your resumes and all the gorgeous portfolios!), I’m also taken by the eggs. Sound off with your picks in the comments!