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Trend Alert: Family Style Receptions

This is another trend that we’re completely smitten with. Family style reception dinners! We’re so over walking accross the dance floor to get a second helping, and we know that plated service can be costly PLUS, there’s something about breaking bread and sharing plates that makes for the best dinner conversation.

We LOVE family style reception dinners! No more buffets for me please!


ONE: This is one of our favourite shoots we’ve been a part of. The rich colours, casual elegance, and charm just made it the full package. We love using vintage silver for serving share plates.

TWO: Sharing food makes for such wonderful memories. Plus, it cuts down on food waste compared to other styles of service. If you don’t like potatoes, you just wont take them! And if someone beside you does, they aren’t staring at your plate wishing it wasn’t weird to ask to eat yours. And it’s not awkward to take an extra helping.

THREE: Long tables lend so well to family style service. Just pass the dishes down the line! Where tables this long my have been a challenge with guests getting up and down to head to the buffet, family service allows for a more intimate set up like this.

FOUR: Meals or share plates– it’s up to you! We love the idea of having appetizers on wood slabs to keep guests filled up as they visit the night away.

FIVE: Food can be beautiful too! Family service challenges us to be selective about what we have on the table. This can cut decor costs without cutting the style.


What do you think of this trend? I don’t just love it as a wedding professional, but a wedding goer- it’s one of my favourite ways to feast!

Rice Toss Alternatives we Love

You’ve heard of the rice toss, right? At the end of the ceremony, when the couple walks back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs for the first time, guests shower the love birds in… rice. Why rice? Why not something more fun? Well… we have some alternatives for you if you’re not in to being pelted with grains. And spoiler alert: these ideas are cute as all get out.

 toss ideas for your wedding that we love


ONE: Remember a couple weeks back when we created that gorgeous heart garland with sheet music? Well, you can totally make confetti out of it too.

TWO: Having a fall wedding? Throwing leaves is always an option- and even better if you punch them into adorable confetti first! And if you’re having an outdoor wedding, no worries about cleaning them up since they’re completely safe to leave for the birds.

THREE: Another organic option- toss flowers! Wild flowers, dried flowers, whatever you choose- it’s a lovely option for an outdoor wedding!

FOUR: Remember how we suggested using eucalyptus leaves to toss? Well, we’re suggesting it again… with any pretty little leaf! And we’re also vouching for those sweet doily cones to pass them out in.

FIVE: And if you’re into glitz and glamour… why not toss sequins? These DIY translucent little packets of sequins make a cute hand out for guests.

SIX: I am in LOVE with these cute confetti poppers. And since they’re DIY, you could fill them with anything your heart desires… even rice 😉

SEVEN: Confetti. We could almost end the post with this one word because confetti is one of the best things to throw on any occasion!

EIGHT: Goodness gracious, these tiny pom poms are the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day (and yesterday).

NINE: This idea’s for the birds! Oh man, so cheesy, but I love it! If you’re looking for a wildlife friendly- this might just be the best yet! Why not toss birdseed?

TEN: How dreamy is this photo thanks to the shower of rose petals the couple is walking through! You could shower me in rose petals any day.

ELEVEN: If you’re looking for a toss idea that smells as good as it looks… lavender is your friend! Your whole ceremony would be scented and that would trigger fond memories for the rest of your life.

TWELVE: Another idea we absolutely love? These sweet quail feathers in paper cones. Just imagine how they would slowly float to the ground!


So tell me… what’s your favourite? I’m all heart eyes over those tiny pom poms but I’d also toss confetti any day!

Seating Charts: All the options, for real

Seating charts can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. But they can also be one of the most beautiful features I love to see on Pinterest. But what really is the seating chart for? Do you have to tell each person exactly where to sit? What if your families get along just fine? What if you really just don’t want to put hours and hours into who will sit where? There’s more options than you might think! And I’m not just talking about how you can make it pretty (although theres 1 million and 30 options for that). I’m talking straight up telling people where to sit. Here’s the eight we’ve seen (and love!) and why you might want to do each. We’ll leave all the pretty details up to your browsing Pinterest.

Because you really have more options for seating charts!  Here's 7 different ways you can tell people how to get to their seats- and some of them don't involve hours of planning!

ONE: Escort cards can be one of the prettiest to see displayed. Arrange them in alphabetical order to help guests find theirs. You might associate these with a table full of tent cards, but there’s hundreds of ways to display them like this plywood and dip dye display.

TWO: You can do this? Yep! No seating plan ‘seating plans’ are becoming much more popular. Most couples want to enjoy their day and the planning and don’t want to spend hours stressing about where you’ll sit. This is especially a great option if you’re having a casual wedding or you don’t know of any big conflicts between guests. Although really, we’re all adults- if we don’t want to sit beside someone, we won’t… right? Even if couples choose to ditch the seating plan, they’ll usually reserve tables for their parents with an excellent view.

THREE: You can use favours (or in this case monogrammed glasses for guests to use for the night) to help direct guests to their seats. I like the monogrammed glasses because it’s easier to find than a jar of jam with your name on a tiny label. Having favours arranged so guests can easy get theirs will help keep people moving through the door and to their seats. No one likes a bottleneck before they get a drink in hand!

FOUR: So you get guests to the right table, now where do they sit? Most couples don’t go any further. But if you really want to make sure that Aunt Millie isn’t sitting next to Grandma Jane or you’re planning on pairing up some singles (do people really do that?), you can help get guests to their seats with individual place cards at each setting.

FIVE: This is probably the style of seating chart we see most often- Each table number (or name!) with a list of names under each. It’s the easiest to create and make changes to. You can write them all on one fabulous mirror or keep each table separate.

SIX: For the super planners, a diagram seating chart can be both beautiful and functional. Avoid setting out individual place cards and still direct guests to their seat? It’s an all-in-one design.

SEVEN: You can also help guests find their names by arranging them alphabetically with the corresponding table beside each name. This is great if you don’t have a lot of guests that all know each other, and leads to at table introductions.

EIGHT: I love how clean and simple this one is in particular, but the idea is this. Escort cards they can take with them, arranged like a table order seating chart. Simple, right?


Have you spotted any other seating guides we haven’t mentioned? What is your favourite way to be seated as a guest? I personally love to be told where to sit, but that’s because I often rush in late and like to know a seat has my  name on it!