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Letter all the things!

This is the longest image collage we’ve ever done here. But we just couldn’t narrow it down! Why? Because we really do love to letter ALL THE THINGS. And what makes this collection really special is that we were involved in most of them. Clearly, we feel passionately about calligraphy at weddings! We’ve put together this collection so that when you’re dreaming of signs an incorporating the calligraphy trend into your big day, you’ll think of more than just chalkboards (although we love them too!).

letter all the things- so many options for calligraphy at weddings!


ONE: We’ve got this chest in there twice. We love how simple this painted white metal chest looks with wedding details on it! And how special to have it topped with photos of loved ones?

TWO: Mirrors are kind of the new chalkboard. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it. But I really, really love them gathered together for a high impact seating chart.

THREE: So we haven’t personally tried this yet… but calligraphed cake!? Are there two things I love more?

FOUR: Go big or go home! This giant backdrop is one of my favourite installations to date. It is SO big and SO dreamy.

FIVE: Maybe you want a sign, but you want it bigger and better… we do that too. In fact it’s one of our favourites. Lettering just looks SO good on wood tones!

SIX: You know we’re an advocate for games at weddings… but how about this custom frisbee? Umm- amazing!?

SEVEN: Yep, here’s that chest again! I just love it so much I couldn’t not include it twice.

EIGHT: Let me start by saying, lettering on an uneven, curved surface is HARD. But isn’t it worth it? Look at how dreamy this wedding barrel signage is!?

NINE: Little details like this lettered dress hanger make for wonderful keepsakes and photographs. The best part? This is a DIY you can totally do yourself. 

TEN: We love vintage picnic baskets… and we especially love them when they’re lettered with sweet quotes.

ELEVEN: We made some cute little moss placemats for this St. Patrick’s Day dinner party and the lovely Pommel Co. lettered these napkin transfers. Isn’t that a genius idea?

TWELVE: This is perhaps the prettiest way we’ve seen to tell guests what they’re drinking.

THIRTEEN: We couldn’t let this whole post go by without saying, we really DO love chalkboards still. Like… we love them a LOT.

FOURTEEN: This ceremony decor is one of my favourite we’ve created. And hello, photo opp!

FIFTEEN: Just like chalkboards, we letter a lot of glass. And it’s no wonder- it’s so darn dreamy! Displaying it either against wood or foliage is our favourite ways to see it.


We could really go on forever. What’s your favourite? I’m smitten with the glass sign in foliage at the moment. But come back and I’m sure I’ll be crushing on the picnic basket or something 😉

We love vintage campers at weddings!

This post was just so much fun to put together. If you’ve been following Bespoke Decor for a while, you might remember our super fun Kids at Weddings shoot from a couple years back! One of the most special bits from this shoot (although there were a lot!) was a vintage camper for the kiddos to duck into for some quiet time. Since then… we’re hooked. We couldn’t help but rounding up some of the best ideas on how to use vintage campers at your wedding- just in time for summer.

we love vintage campers at weddings!


ONE: This wedding is so bohemian it’s amazing. They used an airstream right front and centre as a backdrop to their vows.

TWO: A vintage camper indoors? Why not? This event makes it look like the best idea.

THREE: What an incredible location- am I right?! This wedding uses an airstream for a travelling bar… perfect!

FOUR: If you’re headed on a roadtrip for your honeymoon… why not make your vintage camper your getaway vehicle?

FIVE: So we’ve covered a mobile bar… but what about a mobile prep kitchen? It’s perfectly functional while making a fun backdrop.

SIX: How fun is this… a photo booth!? I love it!

SEVEN: Last but definitely not least… one of our fave shoots of all time. A children’s retreat.

What’s your favourite? Obviously we’re partial to our own… but also I’d love to see a bride and groom drive off with a vintage camper!


Loving Marbled Weddings

Last week we talked about mixed metals, today we’re talking about another modern wedding trend we’re loving: marbled weddings! Just like mixed metals- it’s all over home decor and we love the bits we’re seeing pop up in beautiful events. Black, white and gold stone marble, or vibrant pinks of marbled paper. It’s all just SO good. Check it out:

We are loving the modern marbled wedding trend! Traditional marble stone or vibrant paper marbling- it's all SO good


ONE: This marbled cake is beyond stunning. And that topper? Love it all! The pattern is so subtle and elegant in a soft gray.

TWO: These simple place cards are made from real marble (tiles!) and are from one of my fave ever DIY blogs.

THREE: If you can get a marbled fondant cake, why not cookies too!? I love that these ones are stamped with the names and accented with gold flecks!

FOUR: They use the word ‘smoky’ to describe the style of this wedding and if you never thought that was a pretty theme… think again! Just look at this gorgeous table runner!

FIVE: These marbled invitations are all sorts of beautiful. I love the hand crafted look and the genuine stone effect.

SIX: Talk about a statement! I’m swooning over this marbled aisle runner in a lovely pink.

Marble clips sources (stone / paper)


Are you as head over heels with this marbled weddings trend as I am?

Inspired by Mixed Metals

Have you been noticing the trend towards mixed metals? It’s hitting fashion, home decor, and I want to see it all over weddings (if I had my way). Copper, brass, gold, bronze, silver and rose gold all mixed into one shiny, beautiful day. Is any one else celebrating that you no longer need to be matchy matchy?

Weddings inspired by mixed metals


ONE: Simply swapping out flatware brings a mixed metal decor scheme to life.
TWO: This was one of our favourite shoots to be a part of. A beautiful gold charger topped with a vintage brass key and calligraphed place cards.
THREE: If you are in to glitz and glam- feast your eyes on these sequin bridesmaid gowns. If only every bridesmaids dress was so fabulous!
FOUR: How lovely is this gold leaf cake paired with brass candleholders? Gold leaf all the things!
FIVE:I know we’ve featured brass candleholders en masse before. And there’s good reason! They’re stunning. We love this tablescape with seeded eucalyptus.
SIX: Gold framed chalkboards with modern script lettering? One of our favourite combinations. That’s why we have so many in stock!
SEVEN: Copper is underrated- we love this warm hue of metals– especially paired with rich browns and bright whites.
EIGHT: We love this simple cake with golden deer as a topper. Mixed metals can be glitz and glam or they can be simple and understated. Consider them a neutral.


Tell me- would you consider mixing metals or do you believe they should be kept separate?

Eucalyptus- Dreamy greens as wedding decor

After styling last week’s DIY with that sweet little floral arrangement featuring eucalyptus- I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I love the muted colour of the green and the lovely fragrance. It’s so on-trend right now, I thought it was the perfect time to gather some inspiration for a eucalyptus kissed wedding. Ready for it?

eucalyptus at weddings- such dreamy greens for weddings!


ONE: We are all for floral crowns… and now that we’ve spotted this- for greenery crowns. And even better… layered over a lovely veil!

TWO: *Swoon* This eucalyptus studded bouquet is out of a dream it’s so perfect! Big white blooms and soft greens.

THREE: Make a statement for your ceremony entry by tying back sheer white curtains with seeded eucalyptus.

FOUR: Okay, so this is actually olive tree leaves… but it looks a lot like seeded eucalyptus leaves and I can’t think of a better smelling toss idea than eucalyptus. And pretty.

FIVE: I’m in love, love with this table runner! Just pile eucalyptus around some candlesticks and you’ve got a dreamy tablescape.

SIX: If you can’t have it everywhere, why not choose your seats for the night to smell of fresh eucalyptus? Plus, it looks so elegant draped across the back of folding chairs.

SEVEN: This silver dollar eucalyptus pairs so perfectly with baby’s breath and rustic wood. Did we mention calligraphy? It’s all together perfect.

EIGHT: Greenery with flowers is perfect, but greenery with greenery? Well, this arrangement makes it look incredible! We love this solo pillar with footed arrangement to dress up an empty space.

NINE: This seeded eucalyptus garland is actually a DIY tutorial… so you can do it yourself… isn’t it dreamy? Since you can do it yourself, you should probably make one for every surface you’ve got 😉


Tell me… what’s your favourite? I’m still swooning over that bouquet! But also… I’m dreaming of tossing bags of eucalyptus leaves.

Creative ways to display your love story

I love when couples add unique touches to their weddings that completely personalize the experience for guests. One of the sweet ways I’ve seen couples do that is by displaying their ‘love story’. From snapshots of their lives (birth and up) to a written timeline to that staple slideshow- it helps guests who only know one of you (oh hey auntie!) get to know you as a couple. I thought I’d gather up a few creative ways I’ve spotted this done from around the web for you today. Ready to see the inspiration?

creative ways to display your love story at your wedding

ONE: I’m going to be upfront here and say that this is my favourite of favourites. I love a good chalkboard, but the beauty in this baby is that it’s so quirky too. The chalkboard illustrates their story from birth to marriage while noting memorable moments like trips, superbowls, and everything in between. It’s just so. darn. sweet.

TWO: Another chalkboard, this timeline type of ‘love story’ display is one I’ve spotted (and created!) a lot recently. It’s simple, sweet, and fits any decor.

THREE: A different kind of timeline… a photo timeline! This couple hung photos from ribbons, each ribbon with a year label at the top to show their love story.

FOUR: Eclectic and rustic, this display pairs both photos and words to paint a picture of their love story.

FIVE: Hello, second favourite. I love the idea of having a print out (especially something so fun!) of your love story for guests to browse. Partner it with the program while guests wait for the wedding to start.

SIX: Last but not least, a simple photo display. No need to organize by year or add notes- just show us those awkward first selfies.


Now that you know my favourite, and second favourite… tell me, what are yours? Did you share your ‘love story’ at your wedding?

Pantone Wedding: Inspired by Pantone’s Colours of the Year

I’m sure if you spend any time on the internet, you’ve heard that this year Pantone picked not one but two colours of the year for 2016. And as a lover of weddings, I’m most definitely a lover of their selections! Rose Quartz and Serenity were their selections and the muted pastels are so dreamy together, I really can’t get enough. So today’s inspiration board is dedicated to them: a Pantone Wedding. Because we’re timely like that 😉

Inspired by Pantone's Colours of the Year- Rose Quartz and Serenity for weddings

Left to Right/ Top to Bottom

ONE: Ummm how dreamy is this draped ceremony arbour? That ivy?! Stunning! The blush drapery is subtle but so lovely.

TWO: Well, this bouquet is all sorts of beautiful. I really love unexpected colours (like blue!) in florals. And mixed in with creamy ivory and rose tones? *sigh*

THREE: The faux flowers on this cake are incredibly detailed! I love how muted the colours are in this cake too. It’s artistic without being too crazy.

FOUR: I’m just going to go ahead and instruct you to hop over and check out this whole shoot. Because if you love this palette, you will love this whole post. Your welcome.

FIVE: Gold flatware. It gets us every time. And paired with rose napkins? Well, it’s perfect.

SIX: Okay, when I spotted this floral backdrop, I knew I had to include it. How beautifully extravagant is this!?


So tell me, what do you think of their colours this year? Are you as in love with them as I am? And what’s your favourite image from this collection? I’m a dead split between that stunning bouquet and the tablescape.

Feature Friday: Wood Logs

Wood Logs? Yep, we’re dedicating a whole Friday to them. But why, you say? They’re rustic, full of charm, and ground any decor (I’m looking at you bling and crystals). They add height, unexpected vignettes, and did we mention they’re right on trend? Let’s take a look.

I never thought I would love wood logs as wedding decor so much... lots of great ideas here

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: Well, my goodness. It didn’t take long to get inspired did it? This vignette is so simple, but what an impact it makes! There is nothing extravagant here, but it sure feels luxe.

TWO: We’ve talked about wood rounds here on the blog before, but it goes to mention that they totally work with logs… pair them as a centrepiece and carry the theme along with logs as decor at your wedding. We really love that this centrepieces uses the smaller chunks of birch mixed in there as well.

THREE: Oh, birch. There’s something so dreamy about it. I really love cakes displayed on wood slices, or tall logs- But this hunk of birch might take the cake 😉

FOUR: I need to find an invite to this event. Anyone? Set in the middle of an orchard, wood logs make simply elegant seating for a brunch celebration. But really, logs for seating are just as fitting in an industrial chic setting or local restaurant.

FIVE: Groupings of wood logs and candles in jars make a simple but oh-so-elegant vignette as guests seat waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

SIX: Large logs or stumps are the perfect little tables for picnic cocktail hours or receptions like this bacon and eggs brunch wedding. I love the stumps that have been stripped of their bark for a less rustic look.

SEVEN: Remember how I said logs can warm up bling? I wasn’t lying! This whole set up is wonderfully extravagant and it works so well with the woodsy elements, gold touches, and all that bling!

EIGHT: Last but not least, go big or go home! This wedding fills mason jars with baby’s breath atop small wood logs next to every seat lining the aisle. Every. Single. Seat.


Spill, are you on board with this trend or do you think logs should stay in the firewood pile? And what’s your favourite from the inspiration? Can you guess that I went and made mine the largest again? Shame on me 😉

Trend Report: Herbs at Weddings

Have you noticed the trend towards fresh herbs at weddings? We’re totally loving it! From floral greenery to edible garnishes to scented decor… what’s not to love? If you’ve yet to spy this trend, we gathered some inspiration for you. Say hello to your newest obsession:

herbs at weddings

From Left to Right/ Top to Bottom:

ONE: Bouquets– they’re the perfect place to start with herbs! The scent, the muted colours, the delicate greenery… why opt for traditional filler when you could choose stand outs like these?

TWO: This Tuscan wedding captured our hearts from the moment it popped up on Pinterest. Can you blame us? Heaps and heaps of potted herbs paired with jars upon jars of candles. It’s dreamy.

THREE: Doesn’t this checkered bow tie make you cheerful? Well, that and the buttoner! Fresh herbs are a great alternative for men who don’t want to have girly florals (some men are dead against it!).

FOUR: All white cakes certainly have a place in classic weddings. Topped with fresh flowers and now… herbs! This lovely cake looks like it’s wearing a crown of herbs on each layer!

FIVE: I have to say, I would love an herb crown like this. Sage and lavender? It would smell amazing! The muted soft colours of these herbs can’t be beat either.

SIX: I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s walked away from a wedding wondering what on earth to do with the favour. I can guarantee I would not be questioning what to do with a potted herb! Not only are these favours stunning to look at- they’ll be a total hit!

SEVEN: How simply perfect is this? Bunches of fresh rosemary were hung above reception tables at this rustic wedding. The scent must have been divine!

EIGHT: Speaking of bunches of rosemary… Not all of us have gorgeous wood beamed ceilings to feature. But what do we all have? Tables. We love this simple way of finishing off table runners with twine and herbs.

NINE: Dress up the simplest of escort cards with a spring of rosemary (or any fresh herb for that matter) for unbeatable charm.

TEN: One from our archives, we can’t get enough of herbs as edible garnishes. Whether you tie them to baguettes at each place setting or add a spring to a plated appetizer- we’ll never complain.


Tell us- what do you think of this trend? You’re not about to change our mind 😉 If I had to pick a favourite image from above… it would be the floral crown. Because I want one so. darn. bad. But I could also stare at that cake for days! What about you?

Colour Crush: Deep Red Wedding Inspiration

Do you remember when black, white, and red made the most trendy wedding palette out there? Throw in some crystal bling and you had an on trend wedding… but those days are gone and for some reason I’ve had such a hard time getting those weddings out of my head. Not in a good way. When someone says ‘red’ that’s all I can picture! I know that there are beautiful red weddings out there, I’ve even decorated for some. So this post is my official rededication to red, deal? This inspiration board has it all- vintage, eclectic, lace, and drop dead florals.

deep red wedding inspiration

ONE: You know we had to start with a classic bride, right? Red nails and lips will always be a stunning, classic, yet bold look that we can’t get enough of.

TWO: Those chairs! That lace! *sigh* This whole sweetheart table has our whole hearts.

THREE: Heaps and heaps of florals- that’s what started the shift in me loving red again. Aren’t these dahlias stunning? And decorating the backs of the chairs that line the aisle is such a simple touch compared to traditional hanging aisle decor.

FOUR: Hanging decor is always a good idea and these rich florals topping candle lit lanterns are dreamy!

FIVE: This is a red cake done right. And there aren’t that many that pull off lots of red without being over the top. We’re kind of smitten with this one.

SIX: Yes, I’m a sucker for wild bouquets. I love how mixing bold reds with deeper, moodier tones makes for such a unique and on-trend look.

SEVEN: We love a well-dressed groom (I’m sure you’ve heard us say that once or twice!) and this one? Well, he’s wearing a kilt which is so much fun! But the simple buttoner is completely classic but manages to look up-to-date on this wool suit.

EIGHT: The vintage floral design and simple red-lettered invitations for this fall wedding are just heavenly. Lined envelopes make all the difference- don’t they?

NINE: Deck your bridesmaids out in garnet lace? Heck yes, please do! And I’ll bet these dresses would make an appearance for holiday parties without any alterations- they’re that gorgeous.


What’s your favourite? I’ve got to say that bouquet and the sweet heart table tie. Those flowers somehow give the most lovely chairs a run for their money! I’d love to hear which ones you’re drooling over in the comments.