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We Love Holiday Wreaths at Weddings

Every year we do this, Halloween passes and the holidays flood all of our inspiration feeds and we just. can’t. get. enough. Anyone with us? We’re loving it! One of the things we’ve spied and are loving the most? Holiday wreaths at weddings. Simple greenery, simple shape, big statement. If you’re headed towards a winter wedding, would you consider adding wreaths to your decor? Here’s a few ways you could consider (we think might sway you to a ‘yes!’).

I LOVE holiday wreaths at weddings! They're so classic and the perfect way to bring a holiday vibe without red

Left to right / Top to bottom

ONE: How cute is this pooch! We’ve been spying wreaths on pets in weddings for a while, but are loving the wintery take on the trend.

TWO: This one might be one of my favourite uses (which is why it’s in here twice!), wreaths on the back of the bride and groom’s chair. We especially love the lettered signs topping these ones off!

THREE: We had to include this one because of that sweet banner! You could have anything lettered on that baby and it would look incredible. Merry Christmas? Thank you? Just Married? Forever begins here? Whatever you choose, it’s a win guaranteed.

FOUR: As promised, wreaths on chairs 2.0. But really, isn’t this the perfect use for them?!

FIVE: Did we mention that they make a gorgeous photo prop? Hold one of these babies and you’ve completed your holiday card photo!

SIX: This wedding is stunning top to bottom. We love that they decorated the heritage church with classic holiday wreaths– so simple but striking between those gorgeous windows!

SEVEN: We know you’ve loved floral crowns, but how about a pine crown? Embrace the season! This one is a DIY and it’s SO lovely.

EIGHT: This whole wedding (actually the same as numero 2) just oozes cozy winter goodness. We love that she opted for a fur shrug and sleeves- way to embrace the season!

NINE: Okay, okay. So this shot is actually from a spring wedding… but it was drop dead gorgeous so we couldn’t omit it. Is this wild wreath collection above the settee stunning!? I want one in my home now. It’s all kinds of wonderful.


Tell us, what’s your fave? I’m still drooling over number nine. It is happening around here, I swear.

Feature Friday: Vintage Snowshoes at Weddings

It’s officially winter… well it has been for a while and we’re loving it. We have a whole collection of winter decor available for rent and one of my favourite things we have is vintage snowshoes. They’re so unique and rustic, but in a classy way. Here’s some of our favourite ways we’ve seen them used in weddings.

vintage snowshoes at weddings- so unique for a winter wedding

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: This ceremony backdrop from Alberta is just beautiful! We love how it embraces everything wonderful about a vintage winter.

TWO: What a fun cupcake display! Yes, I’ll take two of those.

THREE: Hung on a rustic wall above the cake is the perfect way to display vintage snowshoes.

FOUR: Can we talk about how fun they are as a photo prop?

FIVE: This outdoor winter wedding display features just a few of our favourite things. Plus… I spy some cupcakes hiding on there!

SIX: This gown is stunning on it’s own, but we love how it looks photographed with these vintage snowshoes! I think you could put snowshoes next to anything and they’d belong.


I’m not going to beat around the bush. That ceremony backdrop has stolen my heart. A close second is those cupcakes. But it could be because I’m craving cupcakes. What’s your favourite? How do you feel about snowshoes as wedding decor?

A DIY Holiday Wedding

I’m not sure what it is, but around the holidays I get crafty. If you’re on my gift list, beware! But while I was looking at all these crafty things I could make for under the tree- I kept seeing things that would be amaaazing at a holiday wedding. So here is a collection of amazing DIY wedding ideas. Because I certainly know that sometimes, paying the pros isn’t in the budget- and sometimes, you just want to give it a try yourself!
Inspiration and Tutorials for a DIY Holiday Wedding

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: How adorable are these DIY firestarter pinecone favours? Make them in any colour to suit your palette.

TWO: This DIY rustic triple tier cake stand had me at hello. Fill it with treats, favours, or whatever your heart desires.

THREE: Ever wondered how to craft a gorgeous buttoner? This DIY tutorial will have you making beauties in no time. I love the festive berries in this one.

FOUR: Are you in love with floral crowns? We are, and especially this DIY one with winter greens! Get the whole how-to over here.

FIVE: Does everyone have a relative who is SUCH an amazing baker? This wedding cake recipe and instructions will guarantee a gorgeous naked cake for your big day. The berries fit a holiday wedding perfectly- add some rosemary sprigs for greenery.

SIX: Holiday centrepieces look just as suited for wedding tablescapes when fitted with muted greens and berries. This one even comes with a video tutorial.

SEVEN: Is there anything more fitting for a wintery wedding than a DIY hot chocolate bar? This printable sign will have your sweet treat station looking classy in no time.

EIGHT: Double up favours and place cards with these cute festive DIY ornaments! You could use a gold paint pen instead of white chalk marker for a fancier look.

NINE: Maybe you’re not up for designing your own invitations- we hear you loud and clear! But how about printing and cutting? These gorgeous invites are sold as a digital file so you can craft them up yourselves.

TEN: Simply tie sprigs of berries with a stick of cinnamon and twine to napkins for this festive holiday look like this wedding.


Tell me, are you a DIY maven or would you rather leave the details to the pros?