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Design your own wedding using our curated collection of on-trend rental inventory.

Pick it up yourself, or have our team deliver it directly to you! 


We have no rental minimums
What’s ours is yours! For a little while anyways.

Get a preliminary quote! How it works is you take a peek at our rental collection, add what you’d like to your wishlist (it’s like online shopping!), and submit it! An initial quote will be sent directly to you & our Rentals team will be in touch. Happy browsing! 


A La Carte Design & Services

Our A La Carte Design & Services allow you to completely tailor your services to your own unique vision and needs – while making the best use of your available budget.


So how does it work? You can choose from our Bespoke Design Menu to reserve 1-1 time with a Bespoke Designer to curate the areas most important to you on your wedding day. 

Are you looking to have Bespoke design a killer lounge for you, but you’d like to DIY your tablescape? Great, no problem!

Hoping to have some help with centerpieces, but don’t want to go over budget with a complete custom design – we can do that!

Do you want a seating chart with personal details about your friends & family?

We can help create and execute something special.

We invite you to come in for an initial consultation to review these a la carte options with you! The combinations may seem endless, but we’ll help you allocate your budget, select rentals, prioritize your design to ensure style is on point.

Let us do what we do best, so you can get back to the good stuff!

This service has no minimum investment. 


Most common Design Menu options:


Bespoke Custom Design

We know that a thoughtfully designed space can contribute to warm feelings, connection and the creation of core memories.


We also feel passionately that wedding design can be a true reflection of your relationship and show off some serious style. Gone are the days that weddings need to look and feel a certain way, packed with tradition. They have evolved into a reflection of your love and a celebration of who you are together.

This package is designed for couples who are passionate about the aesthetic of their wedding day, the vibe and the experience of having something created just for you. It’s a truly one-of-a kind wedding service that will completely outfit your wedding with an emphasis on ambiance, fresh design and guest experience.

This exclusive service is designed for a spectrum of clients.


Whether you know exactly the vibe you want, or you have no idea where to start (you just know you want it to be incredible for you, your friends and family), our talented team of  Bespoke Senior Lead Designers will help guide this process.  

We will work closely with you to make your goals a reality and draw on our experience, passion and creativity to deliver a one-of-a kind event that truly reflects who you are.

Here’s what you need to know about the Bespoke Custom Wedding Design: 
This service will ensure every detail is considered within your wedding decor.
Little details are vital in achieving a polished final product. We have extensive checklists that will ensure nothing is overlooked.
You will be working 1-1 with a Bespoke Senior Lead Designer.
Our Senior Designers have a minimum of three years experiencing designing a range of weddings & events. They’ll be using their expertise, eye for design and creativity to deliver a product that truly reflects who you are.
You’ll be involved in the high-level process, but you can leave all the nitty-gritty to us.
We’ll define an overall look with you, take time to learn about you, your goals and what you love/dislike and we’ll take it from there. Throughout the planning, we’ll communicate with you how plans are progressing, run ideas by you, but we ask for your trust that we’re creating something special for you! 
We know the Bespoke inventory like the back of our hands, and we’ll select the decor items for you!
If there are certain pieces you love, we’ll be sure to include them but you can leave the scrolling & selection to us.
You’ll have a team of creatives all working for you under one roof.
We house a team of talented designers, builders, calligraphers and graphic designers who will all come together in your event curation.
We will work closely with your florist (should you choose to book one).
We also guide the creative to ensure complimentary arrangements are planned and no area is missed. Once our designs are drafted, we’ll work collaboratively with your floriston the floral component within your allotted budget. 
We will coordinate with your fellow vendors to ensure smooth execution and a flawless finish.
Often times we need to ebb and flow with venues, catering, florists, etc on the day of – we’ll be sure to align with your chosen team.
We follow a timeline that allows you to finish all design/decor related wedding tasks 2-4 weeks prior to your Wedding Day.
We’ll wrap everything up with you through a thorough finalization meeting. This allows us to answer any questions, review final details and allows you to enjoy the time you have with friends and family leading up to the big day with peace of mind.
We will set everything up and take everything down once the party ends.
Our only goal for you is to show up, enjoy the space that has been uniquely designed for you and dance the night away worry free.

The investment for a Bespoke Custom Wedding Design starts at $33K, but has a value of $42,400.


Wondering where the difference comes from? Clients who book this package are provided with an automatic 60% discount on all rentals from the Bespoke Inventory being used for your wedding design (up to a total of 10k).

Why? Because we live for creating. We want to push our creative boundaries, challenge the norm, and present something you haven’t seen before! We want to exceed your expectations.

We limit the amount of Custom Wedding Designs we take per year to ensure quality, delivery and your satisfaction.

Why does it “start at” at a certain price, instead of being all inclusive? Easiest answer – it’s not one size fits all and there will be additional rentals required for larger guests lists or higher delivery costs for out of town celebrations. This initial costing is based on an estimated wedding size of 150 guests located within Greater Vancouver.

We also know that some couples may have something else in mind that’s bold, custom or next level – we want to keep the door open to that!


In this case, we would just price separately for anything deemed outside of the package scope. 

Next steps? We invite you to come meet with a Bespoke Senior Lead Designer to discuss how we can work together.